Brand Identity Styleguide

The official brand identity styleguide for the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

Branding consistency is critically important to the successful marketing of our school. Consistency in visual appearance helps differentiate the Syracuse University iSchool from its competitors, increase brand recognition and reinforce the school’s identity.

The iSchool’s visual identity can be described as sleek, modern, and minimal. It compliments and extends Syracuse University brand identity and is characterized by high contrast and bold visual design.

This styleguide will provide you with information and tools to help properly implement the Syracuse iSchool brand.

The Brand

The iSchool brand should be reflected in every touch point and interaction. Primary messaging, voice and tone as well as mission and vision help define the school's personality.

Vision Statement

To expand human capabilities through information.

Primary Message

The iSchool engages, empowers and educates the future leaders who shape our world through innovative coursework and research within an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment

Voice and Tone

Our voice is a reflection of who we are, and should be communicated through every touch point with a user. Our tone should reflect the intended audience’s emotional state. The organization has one voice, but a variety of tones based on situation.

The following are the characteristics of the iSchool's voice.

  • Scholarly and innovative
  • Smart but not stodgy
  • Expert but not bossy
  • Traditional but with a modern feel
  • Experimental but not reckless
  • Proud but not arrogant


Orange is Syracuse University's only official color. According to University Branding Guidelines, Syracuse Orange MUST be the dominant color on all pieces. Approved grays may be used as neutrals throughout the brand.

Primary Color Pallet

  • Syracuse Orange

    Print PMS 1665C CMYK 0/79/100/0

    Screen HEX #D44500 RGB 212/69/0

  • Extra Dark Gray

    Print PMS Black 7C* CMYK 0/0/0/90

    Screen HEX #3E3D3C RGB 62/61/60

    Grayscale K 90

  • Dark Gray

    Print PMS 431C CMYK 8/2/0/56

    Screen HEX #6F777D RGB 111/119/125

    Grayscale K 75

  • Medium Gray

    Print PMS Cool Gray 7C CMYK 8/2/0/30

    Screen HEX #ADB3B8 RGB 173/179/184

    Grayscale K 45

  • Light Gray

    Print PMS 428C CMYK 5/2/0/8

    Screen HEX #E8EAEB RGB 232/234/235

    Grayscale K 10


Official Typeface

Sherman book and Sherman sans are the official typefaces of Syracuse University. They should be used on all University communications. Any additional typeface chosen must pair well Sherman.

Sherman Typeface Image

Desktop Fonts

Desktop fonts may be downloaded at the official University Styleguide.

Web Fonts

The Sherman typeface can be added to your next web project with the addition of some simple CSS. More information on using Sherman Web fonts may be found here.


The selection of imagery is very important for accurate portrayal of the iSchool experience. Images should be original and current. Imagery should reflect the lively, innovative spirit of the iSchool. Images should be the highest resolution possible for the appropriate display medium. A collection of images are available at The use of stock photography should be avoided whenever possible. If you feel stock imagery is necessary for a publication please submit the image for approval to the strategic communications team.

Proper Use of Imagery

Images should have a similar look and feel to the images below.

Examples of proper use of imagery

Improper Use of Imagery

Examples of improper use of imagery


All content produced by the School of Information Studies must adhere to the Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Policy. To learn more on how to create accessibile documents visit the Accessibility Technology Toolkitproduced and maintained by Information Technology Services (ITS).


Below are a few templates to assist in the production of quality materials that meet our branding guidelines. If you have any questions or suggestions for new templates please let us know.

Document Templates

These templates are designed for general use publications.

Word Template (.docx)
Word Template w/ Cover Page (.docx)
PowerPoint Template - 16x9 (.pptx)
PowerPoint Template - 4x3 (.pptx)
Digital Letterhead (.docx)

Poster Templates

The following poster templates are available for the promotion of event of special initiatives. Posters may only be hung only on designated bulletin boards throughout hinds hall. Posters taped to walls doors or any area other than the designated bulletin boards will be removed.

The iSchool Communications Team should be made aware of all announcements for iSchool initiatives and events

Announcement Poster (.docx)
Announcement Poster with Image Placeholder (.pptx)

Digital Signage Template

Digital signage is the preferred method of promotion for events and initiatives within Hinds Hall. Digital signs are located on the first floor main hallway, social lounge, ICEBox, and on all the lab screen savers.

The iSchool Strategic Communications Team must be made aware of all digital signage announcements for iSchool initiatives and events.

Digital Signage Template (.pptx)

Email Signature Template

To maintain consistency email signatures should adhere to iSchool Branding Guidelines. The link below will take you to an email signature generation page. There you can copy and paste your email signature into the appropriate place.

Email Signature Generator